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Aluminium cutting machine - Precision mitre saw

The new aluminium cutting machine with the highest quality diamonds theets and a body with 450 mm diametre is a real professional cutting machine for the industry. This machine can cut aluminium profiles very easy with a great cutting process. It has a cooling unit which has a economical spraying process for long time using of the oil tank. 


Precision mitre saw 

For mitre cuts of aluminium- and vinyl profiles up to 45°.

  • swivel range from 45° left to 45° right

  • precise hard chrome-plated aggregate-double shaft guide

  • saw blade dimension 450 mm

  • stable basic set-up for high precision when long mitre carriages are in use.

The aluminium cutting machine with its extremely high cutting precision has especially been designed for a special production.  
Due to the fixed turning point, angle adjustments of the complete swivel range are no longer necessary.  
Please always state the through-put direction!